For Revenue and Sales Operations Teams

Operations professionals are stuck with complex and expensive data tools, leaving them to reactively address problems in the field with manual work. This also makes it difficult to scale, detect inefficiencies and bottlenecks, or establish the right processes to scale their business.

How does Gluework solve these problems?

With Gluework, operations professionals can monitor any process on top of their existing tech stack with real-time analysis, providing them with proactive insights to optimize their process while maintaining focus on strategic decisions and KPIs. This also informs the structure of newly established processes so that there is cultural adherence and adoption from day one.

Gluework operators proactively identify gaps in their processes and become solution-oriented rather than hunting for problems, which leads to operational efficiency, cross-functional alignment, and reduction in administrative overhead.

For Sales Managers

Sales leaders are typically promoted as top performers to replicate best practices across their team, but have to instead spend their time micro-managing activities across tools because they don't know how reps are actually performing until deals stall and it's too late. This makes it more difficult for them to communicate how they were effective in a repeatable fashion without an established sales process.

How does Gluework solve these problems?

With Gluework, sales leaders have the visibility they need to understand how to improve rep performance proactively and identify patterns to drive coaching across their team. This means they can leverage their experience in the field while informing new processes, and understand how to execute those new processes with their team.

Gluework sales leaders leverage their ability to proactively influence behaviors across their teams to close more deals with maximum value and velocity. This also allows them to influence new processes and communicate the needs those processes are addressing to their teams.

For CRO’s

CRO's lack visibility across teams and are unable to identify where the biggest inefficiencies exist, which often leads to simply asking the field to do more to make up for lacking performance. This becomes a self-repeating cycle because there is no way to tie that activity back to revenue. This leaves CRO's to influence operational decisions establishing new processes only after there are negative outcomes for the business.

How does Gluework solve these problems?

With Gluework, CRO's have the visibility they need to understand the source and cost of specific inefficiencies, identify patterns, and proactively address inefficiencies by establishing the right process in collaboration with operations.

Gluework CRO's understand that revenue is not an outcome, but a process that requires them to understand how cross-functional collaboration can be optimized at each step, generating revenue from an optimized client experience. This means they know how to improve their go-to-market motion to generate revenue faster, in real time.

For Sales Enablement Teams

Enablement professionals often are reduced to administrative and tactical work because they lack the insight they need to proactively diagnose specific gaps in performance. They are also limited to identifying the need for new processes by relying on reactive feedback from the field.

How does Gluework solve these problems?

With Gluework, enablement professionals leverage real-time monitoring and alerts to go beyond simple stage conversion and instead focus on which activities are not working, measuring improvements over time, and driving adoption by being able to easily explain the sales process for repeatability. This is because they have the insights they need to inform new processes proactively, and and can trust that these processes will be adopted by reps because they meet known needs.

Gluework enablers save time by more quickly diagnosing and addressing gaps in the buyer journey through the optimization of people, a process that drives cross-functional alignment, and technology, with a clear connection to revenue.

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