Go beyond expensive consulting and data projects and STOP relying on reactive, manual analysis

G2M and Operations are stuck with complex and expensive data tools, leaving them to reactively address problems in the field  and making it difficult to scale

With Gluework, you can monitor any process on top of the existing tech stack. With proactive insights to optimize  process so you can maintain focus on strategic decisions and KPIs

Set up monitoring and alerts on top of your processes

Gluework connects directly to your revenue tech stack, proactively identifies needs for new processes and solves existing inefficiencies that hurt your business and impact revenue

How it works

Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets… and Hello to Revenue Growth


Add Gluework monitoring recipes on top of your existing tech stack and processes.

Monitor and Alert

Gluework provides real time visibility into your process metrics, alerts stakeholders and reminds the team to adhere to ensure streamlined process execution.


Gluework measures the impact of changes to your revenue process and identifies gaps so that you can proactively improve existing processes.

Use Cases

Win more deals with process excellence

Process Adherence

Ensure all qualification metrics are being collected properly to increase conversion by delivering the most qualified opportunities to sales.

Lead Management

Track critical steps and timelines to save time giving your prospective clients the attention they deserve.

Sales Handovers

Track critical activities for collaboration between revenue-generating teams for  a seamless buyer journey.

Pipeline Management

Monitor the health and hygiene of your pipeline by tracking the manual activities and SLAs to reduce costs from micro-managing seller activity and drive sales process enforcement.

Customer Experience

Monitor internal and customer facing activities to increase customer retention with an optimal experience from onboarding to renewal.

Renewal Management

Stay on top of time sensitive activities to maximize conversion of renewal opportunities with expansion.

Become a proactive leader

Join dozens of winning sales teams that are using Gluework to drive growth, without the manual work.