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Software Engineer

Gluework is seeking software engineers to join its team! You will be responsible for shaping and evolving Gluework into the leading platform for business operators.

Engineers on the team today:

  1. Work primarily with Node.js, TypeScript, JavaScript, React (and soon Golang!)
  2. Care about the quality of their work, and the effect it has, on both the end-user experience and our own developer experience
  3. Can articulate the benefits and tradeoffs of webhooks vs. HTTP polling as well as how to build a large scale single page application
  4. Get to determine the design, technologies, methodologies, and tools we use

Skills and experience:

We are looking for people who have a passion for building, ex-founders, early startup employees, tinkerers, weekend project builders, hackathon hackers, home lab owners, blog posters, or open-source contributors. If you're any of the above, we want you.

We're looking for a solid technical background, an understanding of web fundamentals, and a natural curiosity for producing effective solutions. You are patient, have excellent time-management skills, are resourceful, and practice consistent, effective communication.
We don't care about your degree (or even if you have one), prior workplaces' prestige, or your accolades. We only care about your passion and experience building products and shipping value to actual customers.
We want you to build our product, technology, team, culture, and company.

Skills and experience:

  1. Proficient with JavaScript and (preferably) TypeScript. If not, that's cool, we welcome any background as long as you're willing to learn
  2. Firm understanding of HTTP, APIs, HTML, CSS the DOM and how they all relate
  3. [Bonus] Understanding of cloud computing systems architecture

Here are some examples of things we're working on:

  1. Highly contextual no-code editor that allows company operators to describe their processes and policies in an extremely delightful experience
  2. The best graph and reporting experience we can, reflecting the data that company operators need to improve their organizations and support their scale
  3. Performant API gateway that allows us to crunch all of the events we receive from multiple sources in real-time
  4. Integrating with all of the business applications operators use: Monday, Salesforce, HubSpot, GSuite, and many more APIs that our customers use daily to get work done
  5. Building our Slack bot (Sticky) that integrates with our platform to receive the events that trigger business policies, and updates operators in their preferred communication applications

Some of the tools we're currently using:

  1. We're big fans of Remix, a full-stack React-based SSR framework that makes building web products fun and fast 💿
  2. Utility-first CSS frameworks is a game-changer for product and engineering teams, and there's no better tool other than Tailwind.css 👾
  3. PostgreSQL is our go-to database 😍 and Prisma is the best ORM to use (and it supports Golang as well 🤩)
  4. We rely on many asynchronous workflows to process customers' events, and Temporal is essential to keep everything working ⏰

About the company:

Gluework is dedicated to helping build better companies. The company was founded in 2021 by Aviv Bergman and Guy Maliar, long-time coworkers and friends. Gluework offers multiple benefits, including healthcare reimbursements and extended paid leave each year, as well as a generous education and equipment budget. All our employees enjoy working from home, or our offices and setting their work schedules. Our team is distributed between Israel and Eastern US.

Frequently asked questions:

Are you OK with remote employees?

Yes, Gluework is a remote-friendly company. We work from the office, home, or a co-working space near where we live. We have a physical office in Tel-Aviv, Israel. At this time, we are hiring engineers who live in a timezone with at least four working hours overlapping with UTC+2 (Israel Standard Time) and UTC-5 (Eastern Standard Time) due to the complexity of syncing schedules. As the company grows, we hope to expand our team to more countries around the world eventually.

Have you raised any money?

We raised $2M in Nov 2021 from Hetz Ventures, Homeward Ventures, Operator Partners, and Verissimo Ventures.

How will Gluework make money?

We are a subscription-based software as a service startup that aims to sell to business operators.

We are committed to building a culturally diverse team and strongly encourage you to apply regardless of your location, background, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or other personally defining attributes. We encourage every person who is interested in applying. We are imperfect communicators, so think of our job postings as the starting point for discussion rather than proof that you shouldn't apply. Take the leap - you never know, you might be the perfect person for one of our open roles, even if you don't match 100% of the job description.

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