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Gluework takes a new approach to revenue operations.

Gluework is the future of Sales Managment

We are building Gluework to give sales and revenue leaders - and the companies they operate - a smarter way to monitor and enforce cross-functional processes.
Our mission is simple, help companies improve the bottom line results more efficiently, and with less resources needed.

As companies scale, revenue leaders are often the first to experience and identify systemic growing pains. Gluework reduces friction by automating the manual and reactive analysis, empowering leaders to focus on execution rather than problem solving and firefighting.

Companies have tried and failed to get their sales force to adopt new systems and improve self-reporting. It doesn’t work.

That’s why Gluework takes a different approach: integrating a company’s existing apps and toolsets to map and assess processes automatically, and in real-time. As a result, Gluework helps sales and revenue leaders specialists, from mid-level managers to C-level operators, achieve authentic insight into their company’s processes - without any extra development work or headache.

By reclaiming control over their processes, managers will be spared hours lost to obscured processes and broken procedures. Instead, they can focus on the promise that attracted them to sales in the first place: driving winning culture, building revenue generating systems, and leveraging real-time data to save a company’s time, money, and talent.

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