Where Operations
Become Opportunities

Meet Gluework, a process monitoring and enforcement platform designed for business operators, by business operators.

Gluework's dashboard

For Processes that Stick

Save time, resources, and headaches by streamlining your company's processes, policies, and procedures.
Develop Process Hygiene
Gluework automatically tracks your processes' digital footprints to proactively ensure each step is completed on time and on plan.
Eliminate Gaps & Bottlenecks
Easily discover and diagnose breaks in the chain and make data-driven adjustments to get your KPIs back on track.
See Across Departments
Connect with your colleagues' many tools to create a single source of operational truth across your company's departments.
Get Back to Work
Automate process compliance to your specifications, and return your focus to strategy and planning - not enforcement.
Keep Your Fingers Crossed
Project stakeholders are sent on their way to self-manage, without any formalized system for process compliance or improvement.
Keep on
Because processes are closed "black boxes" that can't be analyzed, broken links can be impossible for Operators to identify or correct.
Keep Teams
in Silos
Want to see what they're up to? Spend your day playing catch-up with each team, and logging in and out of their SaaS platforms.
Keep Playing
Without automated tracking, Operators become the company "bad guys," chasing after their colleagues instead of their KPIs.

Healthy Processes for Growing Companies

Zero Code Required
Your developers are already busy enough.
Rapid Time to Value
Transformation requires
time insight.
Built for Scale
Operators are central to healthy growth.
Absolutely Secure
Get to work - without
the worry.
Totally Customized
Every company has its own operational DNA.

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